Add Comment to Bank

Frequently used comments can be added to the Assessment form so that there is no need to re-type them each time they are required. These "stock" comments appear below the Feedback/Comment box. Clicking on the comment adds that text to the Feedback box. The steps to add a comment to the Assessment form are:

  1. Type the comment in the Feedback/Comment Box;
  2. Click on the "Add Comment to Bank" button.

The Assessment form is redisplayed. The new comment is left in the Feedback/Comment box and it also appears (as a link) below the Feedback/Comment box. In future assessments the comment can be added by simply clicking on the comment text. It is then added to the Feedback/Comment box.

The stock comments are always added to the end of any existing text in the Feedback/Comment box and separated from that text by a space.

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